Wow. *bangs head on desk* building a website. I have to give many props to those who build websites for a living, because my head hurts from trying to get this set up. lol.

The good news, its set up! YAY! Mostly… Partly… Oof.

Seriously though, welcome to my blog thingumy. Thank you for having an interest in my work. I’ll try my utmost not to let you down. ❤

Currently, I have one novel published via Amazon and Kindle. Gamers and Magic.

publishing was just as hard as starting a website!

I’m currently working on editing the second book in the series, Rogues and Magic. It has been great fun writing it! The third book in the series, Knights and Magic, is still in its infant stages. I’ll start posting it chapter by chapter as I write it (unedited) here: Knights and Magic

The second book is still up at my writing site on tapas (again, unedited) for a limited time. It will be removed once I’m ready to make the edited story a Kindle Unlimited work. Until then, enjoy! ❤

Click here for my tapas profile.

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