Hello everyone! I’ve been working on getting Rogues and Magic ready for Kindle, but it is taking forever. *sweats* for now, you can still read the unedited version here: https://tapas.io/series/Rogues-and-Magic

The first book in the series, Gamers and Magic, is now an Unlimited book for Kindle! It’s available through Amazon.

Other than the GM series, I do have a couple of other books that I’m working on and I’m really happy with.

One of them is This Alternate Reality Isn’t a Game. It’s an isekai fantasy about gamers who get teleported to a parallel world.

Alex and his team are pro gamers. They train diligently offline so that when they use their talents in VR, the muscle memory transcends into the game, giving them the edge that makes them champions.
Because they’re top athletes, as well as top gamers; it puts them in a select category, that only a handful of people could ever aspire to obtain, and a group of scientists need their help.
Alex and his team are invited to become the first ambassadors to another world. One where magic exists.
But all is not as it seems, and soon Alex and his teammates find themselves in way more trouble than they bargained for.

Note: This is an adventure novel with mild romantic content (around pg 13), lots of fighting, and loads of adventure.
This book has many different romantic orientations with the main one being gay.

If you’re interested in reading it as it is written, you can find it here: https://tapas.io/episode/1525887

Updates on it are slow, because I am trying to focus on the GM series first.

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